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Meru Cultural Museum
Meru culture is fasting disappearing due to historical reasons and the economic situation of indigenous is deteriorating rapidly due to climate change and environmental destruction threatening life of the Tanzanian community. Momela Cultural Tourism offers potential cultural products and services for tourist while being a tool for poverty eradication within local communities through empowering them in tourism activities enhancing economic standards with awareness of cultural heritage and environmental conservation.
Visit our Momela Cultural Tourism and discover our Meru Cultural Museum with a fascinating traditional utensils and equipments preserving Meru cultural attributes. The historical background of Meru tribe (Varwa) in Momela cultural tourism provides the opportunity to experience Meru culture and nature conservation.
The museum offers an opportunity to demonstrate the historical background, culture and real life style of the Meru tribe of Tanzania. The Meru cultural museum of Momela designed for the purpose of conserving and protection of Meru culture, historical art facts to ensure the existence of Meru culture and contribution to community development of Wameru ethnic leaving along the slopes of Mount Meru in Arusha Region.

Cultural Experience
At Momela Cultural Tourism you will discover and experience the culture, tradition and historical background of Wameru (Varwa) ethnic of Tanzania lives on the slopes of Mount Meru in Arusha National Park. Visiting villages to learn economic and culture & tradition activities. These include visiting coffee production farms which involves coffee picking, locally processing and drinking.

Momela Day Picnic Tour - Alive and Well
The biggest business advantage is your people, the more you build a great environment, the better job they will do. If your workers are happy, it carries over when they deal with clients, prospects and each other. This is a very good way to support workplace morale, relationship, retention and connection building to facilitate the development of their social networks, treat people well, maintain a positive working environment and provide an opportunity for employees to introduce their families to coworkers. On the event you will have a taste of our local cuisine, enjoy and have fun with your colleagues and participate on our local traditional dance.

Community Projects
We are committed to promote development of community through employment opportunities, supply of safe and clean water, support for families in need, creating market for local products produced by community also encouraging local culture preservation and conservation of environment for sustainable development and sustainable tourism. You can also help by supporting our projects not only as the cradle of humanity as humankind but also humanity in a sense of sympathy

Nature Walking Safari
On this tour you will discover wonders of natural environment through outdoor recreations for restoration of one’s wellbeing through nature walking tour in around Arusha National Park with amazing landscapes, scenery, vegetation and wide species of wildlife. You will enjoy a full day nature walking tour experiencing the unlimited outdoor adventure in the natural environment. A community based cultural tourism near Arusha national park with wide range of natural and natural heritage attractions Momela lakes home to thousands of flamingos, Mount Meru, natural vegetation wildlife species and historical sites.

Bird Watching Tour
This is the amazing breathtaking view of Big Momela lake from our camp offers great opportunities to spot flocks of water birds species found in the big Momela lake especially flamingoes. While watching birds one can enjoy by swimming in the modern swimming pool provided in the natural environment in our campsite.
There are six types of flamingo species in the world, four are found in Northern and Southern America and the other two lesser and greater are found in Asia, Europe and Africa, mainly in Tanzania. The Greater flamingoes are the largest as up to 150 cm tall, weighing in at 2 to 4 kilogram and they are extensive black on the tip of its bill. The Lesser flamingos are the smallest but also the most numerous and flocks of up to 2 million. They height between 80 and 90 cm and they can weigh between 1.2 and 2.8 kilogram.
Flamingos are one of the most unique but yet well-known birds. They are tall and elegant, with long necks and thin long legs. The plumage of both species is mostly pink. Greater flamingos are however a little paler with red wing coverts and black flight feathers

Local Coffee Processing and Drinking
On this Tour you will be visiting the characteristic small local coffee farms that belong to the local farmers who are members of Village. During this activity you will become familiar with the whole process of coffee production. You will also enjoy a local prepared lunch and of course a cup of local coffee will be brewed. The farmer themselves will be guiding you.

Climbing and Trekking Mountains
Enjoy the adventure experience through energetic activities by reaching the highest peaks of famous mountains of Kilimanjaro and Meru, hills around Arusha National Park and surrounding villages endowed with nature and African culture. An adventurous and energetic activity to explore the highest peaks of mountains and hills experiencing an unforgettable adventure in Tanzania.

Mount Meru Climbing
Mt Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania nestled within Arusha national park standing 4565 meters above sea level. Mount Meru is the fifth highest peak in Africa dominating the northern horizon of Arusha Park with impressive volcanic ash cone. Meru peaks and the eastern foot slopes protected within national park of Arusha. Meru Mountain offers unparalleled views of scenery with a natural vegetation while forming a rewarding hiking destination in its own right. Passing through wooded Savannah where buffalo’s and giraffes are frequently encountered, the mount Meru ascending trail leads into forests a flame with red hot pokers and dripping with Spanish moss, before reaching high open heath spiked with giant lobelia plant the everlasting flowers cling to alpine desert. Meru Mountain is a fantastic trekking peak and best acclimatization for taking on Kilimanjaro; it is also a lovely walking peak in its own right a two night stay will get you to the top socialist peak.

Momela Lakes Ngurdoto Crater Tour
Momela Lakes consist several shallow lakes such as Lake Longil, Small Momela Lake, Big Momela Lake, Lake Rishateni, Lake Tululusia, Lake Jembamba and Lake Elkekhotoito found within Arusha National park. The lakes fed by underground streams supporting wide varieties of wildlife in the park. Momela Lakes are the best place within northern Tanzania safari circuit for bird watching experience as they supports wide varieties of water birds species Flamingos, Cormorants, Waterfowls, Egyptian Goose, Grebe, Ibis Sacred etc. Ngurdoto Crater a spectacular small volcanic crater in the middle of Arusha national park forest with 3 km wide and 400 meter deep formed when two volcanic cones merged and finally collapsed. The Ngurdoto crater host variety of wildlife like warthog, reed-buck, monkey, buffalo etc

Accommodation Facilities
An Eco friendly “green” tented camp with all the facilities operating in an environment tally friendly fashion. The Momela Cultural Tourism offers a suitable accommodation services with our four permanent tents, a wide ground area for Camping and newly built four full fashioned cottages. All the tents built on a raised wooded platform with a verandah viewing the big Momela Lake were guests can enjoy viewing thousands of flamingos. Each tent with ensuite facilities the shower, hand basin, flush toilet and the electric power

Researchers and Volunteers
We have a very conducive environment and facilities to accommodate researchers and volunteers. Special packages are offered to researchers stay with us for more than one week

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