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Arusha National Park is found between peaks of Kilimanjaro and Meru in Arusha northern Tanzania. Arusha park is an outstanding beautiful national park with momela lakes, mount meru, ngurdoto crater, dense green vegetation inhabited with black and white colobus monkey.
It covers area of 542 square km with distinctive features as ngurdoto crater, momela lakes, highland montane forest and Mount Meru. Arusha national park altitudes range from 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) above sea level at Momela to over 4,565m (14,764 feet) at the top of Meru peak.

The wildlife varieties common to arusha national park is zebra, buffalo, giraffe, warthog, blue monkey, black and white colobus monkey lesser flamingo and other bird species.
Vegetation of Arusha National park varies from shadowy montane forest which inhabited by blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkey, turacos and trogons, the rolling grassy hills which dominated by momela lakes supporting large number of flamingos and along the wooded savannah buffaloes, zebra and giraffes frequently encountered.

Ngurdoto crater is a spectacular caldera in Arusha Park lying in midst of forest whose steep rocky cliffs enclose a wide marshy floor home to buffalo and warthog. Momela lakes comprise shallow lakes of Arusha national park that obtain water through underground streams. Each lake differs in color due to different mineral content.The lakes support life of different wildlife including bird species flamingos, fowls and goose. Mount Meru is the second highest peak in Tanzania and the fifth highest peak in Africa standing at 4,566 meters (14,990 feet).

Meru with an impressive ash cone dominates the park’s horizon. A rewarding experience of ascending Meru leads into forests a flame with red hot pokers and dripping with Spanish moss, before reaching high open heath spiked with giant lobelias everlasting flowers cling to the alpine desert.

Arusha National Park Activities

Game drive, Bird Watching, Walking Safari, Canoe Safaris, Mt Meru Climbing 3-4 days.

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