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Explore the beauty of Tanzanian Culture at Momela Cultural Tourism!




Momela Cultural Tourism is situated along Momela Lake near buffer zone area of Arusha National Park in Arusha Region Northern Tanzania. A unique Cultural Tourism Enterprise close to Arusha national park, the destination endowed with colorful Bird species, Momela lakes, Mountain Meru, Montane forest, fascinating Meru ethnic, historical sites, dramatic scenery and beautiful sunset. Momela Cultural Tourism offer the great opportunities to explore nature, local culture of Tanzania ethnic and suitable accommodation services in spacious ecological friendly permanent Tented Camp, cottages and Campsite Area nestled along Big Momela lake shore famous for flamingoes in the buffer zone of Arusha National Park Tanzania.



Momela lakes fed by underground streams supporting wide varieties of wildlife in the park. Momela Lakes are the best place within northern Tanzania safari circuit for bird watching experience as they supports wide varieties of water birds species Flamingos, Cormorants, Waterfowls, Egyptian Goose, Grebe, Ibis Sacred etc


Momela Lakes consist several shallow lakes such as Lake Longil, Small Momela Lake, Big Momela Lake, Lake Rishateni, Lake Tululusia, Lake Jembamba and Lake Elkekhotoito found within Arusha National park.

Momela Cultural Tourism is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax while admiring the stunning landscape. With Flamingo View on Lake Momela, you can adore the beauty of nature while soaking in the calming atmosphere.

Momela Cultural Tourism offers an exciting outdoor adventure experience in Mount Meru, one of the tallest in Tanzania. Our expert mountain climbing guides will take you on a thrilling journey to summit the mountain, as well as explore the rich cultural history and natural beauty of the region.


Momela Cultural Tourism provides unforgettable outdoor experiences to explore the stunning beauty of nature. Our services include camping tours for people looking for an adventure in the great outdoors.

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